Utility Connect owns the base station equipment for mobile telecommunication. Utility Connect leases the locations for its base stations from the location owners. Utility Connect strives to maintain good relationships with the location owners. The base stations are used for its CDMA450 network. Utility Connect currently has over 170 base stations.

We generally use two types of base station:
– Roof positions (on a tall building)
– Antenna masts (trellis mast or tubular mast)

Base station maintenance

Utility Connect attaches great importance to its base stations and therefore periodically inspects each base station for wear and tear, the maintenance condition, security, theft and vandalism. Naturally, an incident may occur that results in a deviating or undesirable situation that will have to be adapted.

Report any particulars to us by sending an email to info@utilityconnect.nl so that we can take the necessary action as quickly as possible.


If you have any questions you can contact us by email at: info@utilityconnect.nl or please enter your details on our website in the  ‘Contact’ section.