500,000th CDMA smart meter on the CDMA Network!

In 2015, Stedin and Alliander put their own wireless communication network into use. Utility Connect supports the digitisation of grid operators, which creates the possibility of offering our clients improved supply security and contributes to the energy transition.

Today, two years later, we have reached the extraordinary milestone of the 500,000th CDMA smart meter connected to the CDMA network. We reached this milestone thanks to the close cooperation between Stedin, Alliander, clients, various suppliers and naturally, Utility Connect’s employees.

Besides communication with CDMA smart meters, the new wireless communication network forms the basis for continuing to make power grids ‘smarter’. It will enable us to shorten and even prevent power outages. An additional advantage is that this new communication network is independent of other networks and we have the possibility of customising it so that it complies with our strict current and future requirements.

Unique for grid operators
Utility Connect, the cooperation partnership between Stedin and Alliander, recently worked hard to achieve this wireless communication network. It is a unique network in the Netherlands and far beyond, because it focuses on Machine to Machine (M2M) data communication. The network is open to various smart grid applications: from sensor to switch. The extraordinary properties of our network have led to interest from other semi-public organisations that require mission-critical data communication, such as water boards.